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08. starcircleanatomy - scared sacred. C34.
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scared sacred is kind of an exercise in self-antagonism, an intentional destruction of hours of recordings by way of severe digital and analog transformations as well as layering multiple recordings together. the result is a cracked kaleidoscope techno journey through years of a diverse musical sketchbook.
edition of 100. artwork by izaak.

07. campfire - beach at the top of the mountain. C50.
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campfire is a band from berkeley made up of three boys named mose, sean, and sebastian. it was really exciting when they started playing their weird improvised music together because they seemed to immediately exhibit weird telephathic understanding of each others' noise moves and the ability to really swim around each other in song like the best of the new improvised weirdo music groups out there now. this tape is a collection of states, drones, jammz and zones from the past year or so. they really covered all the bases. no joke, there is everything from super-fucked metal to tribal thunder to harsh noise to perfect bliss music on here. housed in a beautiful paper sleeve.
edition of 100. artwork by susie, sean, and mose.

06. gkfoes vjgoaf - tiger elephant panda. C60.
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TEP is kind of a different beast from the other tape sean just put out. the first half showcases individual ideas; brief loops, field recordings, sung songs and sound experiments all take stage for a second then quickly make way for the next zone. the second side is comprised of three longer burners in this blurry delerious ambient song style that sean does better than anyone.
edition of 50. art by sean.

++. beached whale - no skies. C6.
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"there existed four wisemen: truce, igo, spoke and prowler. igo, the crown of the council, accidentally created a time machine. the others realized how fucked the consequences of this were, so they took the crown and handed it to spoke. spoke realized his first task was to get rid of this wretched creation, and he placed it in the belly of a whale. he placed the whale back into the ocean in hopes that the whale would die and no one would ever reach it. this tape is truce's account of the story."

edition of 15. art by luis.

05. gkfoes vjgoaf - what is a dream earth bed. C60.
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what is a dream earth bed is sean's first recording as gkfoes. he's in this great band called campfire but he does this other music too. these are some far out jammz; some weird sung songs and some really dense loopy space music kind of alternate over the 60 mins. lots of T.V. samples and huge bright textures and fierce guitar strumming, all bases covered, really. solar power music. it's good.
edition of 50. found art by sean.

04. the third eye of sauron - lidless, wreathed in flame. C30
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the third eye of sauron's debut tape is kind of a doozy. like watching inland empire on mushrooms. maybe. dark earth drones from the creepiest windchimey santa cruz nights. long delay trails and huge gangs of distorted held keys & guitars. samples punctuate cavernous sound walls. all pretty, all power.
edition of 50. artwork by perl.

03. starsircleanatomy - it's fucked up; it's a rainbow. C30

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it's fucked up; it's a rainbow is a tape of some of the songs izaak wrote in 2008. they are kind of about how going away can show you new stuff but won't really fix anything that's wrong or weird and how that all works out. 9 tracks: some sung songs and some weird sounds. about half and half. beautiful covers by actual artist chris hunt; each is different and cool.
editition of 111.

02. blossom - polly's boat. 2xC93

"this is a cassette tape 2xC93, or three hours long. it was made in chicago, philly, and santa cruz, ca...and was supposed to be released as ace of tapes #2 way back at the end of 2008, but that never happened. i dunno how i feel about it now to be honest. basically, i threw this together at a time when i wasn't sure if i'd be around much longer...and it was like documenting what i'd been doing in 2008. u should have an idea of what to expect, from any release that could have a three hour running time. basically, the first tape is "polly's boat" and the second is called "EYEHATEHUMYNZ." the first is made up of organ music mainly, with a couple song songs, a remix called "killing joke" + i dunno. the second is mainly a 60-minute long synthesizer recording...prolly falling in the "noise" category, with a couple other um..."experimental" songs (we really need a better name for that genre)."
remaining edition: 10. artwork by polly.

also, due to unusual circumstances you should contact polly (floatonthrough@hotmail.com) if yer interested.

01. submarines oh! rainbowzes / starsircleanatomy split. C60[download] [sold out]

submarines oh! rainbowzes is miguel valencia. starsircleanatomy is izaak schlossman. we these tapes were made in december of 2∞8 together. it was fun drawing on covers and going crazy at kinkos. these are hot brojamms. miguel's a witch. nobody understands how he makes those sounds. he also sang some songs about the world in there somewhere. izaak's side is some blown-out stoked cheapo digital style short songs done really quick to see how it felt.

edition of 50. artwork by izaak and miguel

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