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10. luis gutee and his friends + starcircleanatomy - ttmpl (a split). CDR.
[download] [$4 postage paid]

this is a cd that got made for the lg & hf/sca west coast tour that just went down a couple of weeks ago but there's a bunch of these floating around. 8 tracks on each "side". luis' has lots of blurry loops that he's drumming over, spooky lowerfi sounds and short tracks. starcircleanatomy's side is a bunch of straight up zoned out computer sound crystals rotating in a windowsill. comes in vinyl slipcase with a color printout of the gnarly collage up there. edition of 100.

09. luis gutee and his friends - black magic glitch. C45.

[download] [sold out]

this is the debut tape from luis and his friends. us here in santa cruz have had the luck to see luis shred some of these songs along with a few different people at shows for a little while now, but he was able to go and get the drums recorded all nice down in long beach and they sound pretty great with his computer sounds. so, okay: luis plays the drums. he's a monster. friends help out on various instruments. the songs sound like fucked backwoods carnival music from the year 4000. there's probably not any other music like this on the planet right now. 15 tracks.

edition of 100.

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  1. cd-r? blasphemy.