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So later today Izaak and I are leaving to begin our tour up the west coast from San Diego to Seattle for the better portion of the month and probably won't be able to ship orders. BUT the bonus is that if you live where we're going you can come see us! We'll ship out orders when we get back at the end of July.

Starcircleanatomy // Gkfoes vjgoaf // Stag Hare Tour Dates:

July 1st - San Diego: The Park Gallery
July 2nd - Los Angeles: Pehrspace (w/ Kevin Greenspon)
July 4th - Santa Cruz: Daytime bbq show at 115 Storey St. (w/ Concrete Shiva)
July 5th - San Jose: The Farmhouse
July 6th - Berkeley: Santa Rita House (w/ Deep Magic and Tyler Hill)
July 7th - Oakland: Anne's House (w/ Selaroda and Electric Sunset)
July 8th - Davis: The Luna Lounge
July 9th - Arcata: ...CLYDE!!
July 11th - Portland: Ella St. Social Club
July 12th - Olympia: Terrarium
July 13th - Seattle: The Black Lodge (w/ Secret Colors and Megabats)

check myspace for more details about addresses and times.

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