2010 - live. c60. [download] [sold out]

2010 is a band made up of some friends in the santa cruz music universe; there's lucas from san narciso, luis gutee, scott schaus, and izaak from starcircleanatomy. talented friends doing new and unfamiliar things, re/unlearning instruments and bringing their unrelated skills to the hallowed world of the "rock band". this tape isn't any of that though, rather an improv drifter cut down from sesh on a local radio station played the day before valentine's. mind games oscillating between nightmare and nostalgia, swelling out and pooling in the corners of the room. some weird radio samples and re-recording and hella electronic trix. coherent mind elevation for those in trouble.
edition of 35. artwork by ???.

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  1. lol, i thot i recognized this picture...took me a minute to place it.